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Gitaroo Man for PSP

Next month in Japan.

A PSP version of Gitaroo Man is in development according to Sony's Japanese retail site. Not only that, but it's due out on 25th May.

Called Gitaroo-Man Live!, the PSP version of the PlayStation 2 rhythm-action game is said to be "more balanced" than the original, with new gameplay modes, including wireless versus and co-operative "duet" options.

As before the game's been developed by INIS, best known around here for its recent work on brilliant Nintendo DS rhythm-action title Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, which we're still ordering you to import whether you're scared of the Japanese language or not.

KOEI, which published the original Gitaroo Man, has yet to officially announce of the PSP version, but with the game up on Sony's site we can probably expect to hear more whenever the next round of Japanese magazines shows up.

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