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From Russia With a Jetpack?

EA's plans for its next James Bond game become more apparent.

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Details have emerged of Electronic Arts' From Russia With Love courtesy of a short preview update in the UK edition of Official PlayStation 2 Magazine.

The game, which is known to feature the voice work of Sir Sean Connery, is said to blend third-person shooting and driving sections in a manner similar to Everything Or Nothing, and even appears to share some of the shooting mechanics.

OPS2 also says it's been expanded to intersperse new sequences into classic bits of the film, borrowing elements from other Bond films - like Thunderball's jetpack, which can be seen in a screenshot.

Players will also be able to customise Bond to some degree, although we doubt that involves taping neon lights to his backside, whatever EA might have in mind. More likely is an RPG-style experience system or a choice of tools.

The game is due out in November on multiple formats and should make an appearance at E3 next month, where we hope to learn more about its single-player story mode and some promised multiplayer offerings.

For more details on the game in the meantime and some of the first screenshots, check out the May issue of Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK.

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