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Land of the Dead demo

Now available for download.

Groove Games has released a new demo for first-person shooter Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green, and it's now available for download via 3D Gamers.

LotD is based on the George A. Romero film and puts you in the role of Jack, a simple farmer whose life gets awfully complicated when hordes of zombies start wreaking havoc and spreading plague throughout the tri-state area.

A mysterious man by the name of Mr Kaufman has established a fortified city designed to protect the last of the living, known as Fiddler's Green. He sets you on a special quest that offers an exceptional reward, but no guarantees that you'll make it out alive...

We're promised 20 levels to play through - with environments including cornfields, back alleys and sewer tunnels - and ten multiplayer maps on which to enjoy deathmatch, capture the flag and invasion modes. Up to eight players can battle it out online, either co-operatively or competitively.

Weapons include sniper rifles, glocks, M-16s, golf clubs, baseball bats, shovels, axes, grenades and molotov cocktails, and there's a "body part specific damaged system" that's designed to "bring the reality of killing zombies to life."

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green is out later this month on PC and Xbox. You can see some screenshots and trailers over at the game's official website.