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HOTD2 film actress disses HOTD

Also talks about the sequel.

French-Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier (40 Days and 40 Nights, Wishmaster 3 - yes, these are the highlights) says the cast of the second House of the Dead movie, subtitled Dead Aim, are "trying to erase the first one from people's memories".

Might as well be dubbed Noble Aim then, since the first film, directed by the infamous Uwe Boll, is one of the most horrendously awful things ever committed to celluloid. Catastrophic from the first word, which was probably spouted by that peculiar Igor-esque hunchback sailor who scuttled around literally boring the clothes off the waif-like Z-list cast, to the final showdown with some sort of invincible pirate shaman, and with game footage randomly inserted between scenes for no obvious reason, its one identifiable virtue was that it kept everybody involved in one place at one time, thus reducing their influence on the rest of humanity for several priceless months.

Whether the second directed by Mike Hurst will be any better is anyone's guess, but Vaugier reckons it will be. "We are hoping that it's going to be much better than the first one. That won't be hard," she told Sci Fi Wire, before explaining the plot. "Something's happened, and there are zombies on the loose, and so we've got to go kill them." SOUNDS JUST AS GOOD.

The film's due out next year.

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