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SCi reveals Total Overdose

Sort of like Samba de Amigo, only with less maracas and more drug-fuelled gun rampages.

Calling all fans of guns, drugs, fighting and tequila - SCi has announced the release of Total Overdose for PS2, Xbox and PC, a third-person adventure with a distinctly Latin flavour. Screenshots here.

The game's backstory begins in 1989, when undercover agent Ernesto Cruz manages to escape the carnage of a Mexican jungle shootout by boarding a DEA plane. Only problem is he never makes it home, somehow managing to die of an overdose at some point between the in-flight drinks and baggage reclaim.

Fast forward to the present day and Ernesto's son, Ramiro, is hauled out of jail by the DEA. They tell him that his twin brother Tommy is now an undercover agent just like Dad, and has information that suggests the overdose was not self-administered.

Course, Tommy would love to go off and sort it all out himself, but he's had an argument with a hand grenade and is currently incapacitated. Which leaves Ramiro to take his place and join the DEA in an undercover operation to bring down friendly neighbourhood drugs baron, Papa Muerte.

Cue plenty of GTA-style running and gunning which will take Ramiro from Mexican barrios and jungle hideouts to Californian beachside mansions just like in The O.C. The press release promises plenty of Latino larks along the way, including options to "crash cars, jump bikes, meet girls, eat burritos, drink tequila, shoot bad guys, fight in the street, find your father's killer" and, our personal favourite, "steal hats". Because that's what third-person adventures have been waiting for.

Total Overdose is due for release in summer 2005 - we'll keep you posted.

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