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eBay limits PS3 auctions

About time?

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eBay has taken steps to limit the pre-sale of PlayStation 3 hardware units in the USA, as unscrupulous individuals inevitably swarm the auction sites trying to make a bit of extra money.

According to an Associated Press report, the online auction company has limited PS3 pre-order sales to individuals with at least 50 auctions behind them and 98 percent positive feedback.

Not only that, but anybody flogging one before Friday will need to include a photo of the pre-order receipt and guarantee shipment within 30 days of the date of purchase.

What's more, they have to be listed as auctions rather than "buy it now" items that allow people to purchase instantly.

Judging by comments eBay's Catherine England made to the AP, the company was inspired to put the measures in place by the launch of past consoles like Xbox - where "a high number of well-intentioned sellers [were] unable to meet obligations due to restricted supply".

Meanwhile, there are blogged reports of Japanese gamers driving up the price on auction in the Far East in order to disrupt the practices of sellers who took a place in line last weekend specifically to resell the units.

PS3 launches in the USA tomorrow.

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