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Mizuguchi's new PSP game

Uniting games and music. Again.

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We love Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Not in a romantic way, you understand, and not to the extent that we'd form a fan club, say, or paper our walls with millions of screenshots of his greatest hits and spend our evenings looking at them and crying and carving the Meteos logo into our arm with a specially sharpened DS stylus or anything.

But, you know, we think his games are ace - Rez, Meteos and Lumines in particular - so we're very excited to hear that his latest effort is about to be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show.

It's called Every, Extend, Extra, apparently, and it's a new version of PC game Every Extend for the PSP. Rather unsurprisingly, it's a puzzler with musical elements - and there's a bit of shooting to be done too.

In other words, it's based around similar principles to Rez, and it's set to bring "a re-uniting of music and the game" to PSP, according to the man himself.

You can see some screenshot's on the game's official website, which also begs the all-important question: "One day suddenly,you receive 12 UCHU- guided bombs. What do you do?"

Well, the answer's obvious: "'Suicidal explodion' game with new feelings. Blow up self to involve enemies!"

Every, Extend, Extra will be published by Bandai in Japan, but there's no word on when as yet. Expect more details soon...

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