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Dark and Light

Biggest MMORPG ever, apparently.

E3 is to host the debut of the “biggest MMORPG ever”, according to publisher NP Cube.

Dark and Light will feature “the largest persistent gaming world of its kind”, with 13 different kingdoms spread over 40,000 square km - or 15,000 square miles in English money. There will be no break-up of servers or zones, NPC reckons, and tens of thousands of players will be able to exist simultaneously within the same area.

The game is designed to evolve according to the decisions you take and the strategies you adopt - you create your own storyline, in effect, depending on the events you cause, the conquests you initiate and the way you manage your fortresses.

And the way your character develops is up to you, too. There are two “axes” to choose from - Social and Combat. Opt for the former and you can lead a peaceful existence developing your chosen skills, such as resource extraction or craftsmanship. You can also take on political roles such as lord, baron, count, duke - or even king.

Follow the Combat Axis, however, and it's all about battling your way to the top by whatever means necessary.

Dark and Light is due out on PC in November. NPC says there will be live demos of the game throughout E3, so we'll keep you posted.

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