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Wednesday News Roundup

Aquanox PS2 dated, Brian Lara International Cricket gets ICC backing, Kasabian to play PES4 on Xbox Live.

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Massive Development's undersea shoot-'em-up Aquanox will make an appearance on PlayStation 2 this autumn, publisher JoWooD sends word in a bottle. Aquanox - The Angels Tears doesn't make any bold claims about additions since the PC version, which was reasonably well received when it quietly released on the PC a long time ago. Indeed, if anything it's lost an apostrophe. But we have absolutely no doubt that, in addition to the more-than-40 story-driven missions, "phantastically staged underwater cities" and vast undersea battles, it will be significantly deeper. Glug.

Back above sea level, Codemasters sends word that Brian Lara International Cricket has been officially sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC), meaning that it'll have the official ICC Cricket World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy to compete in with 16-player ICC One-Day International squads and so on. Suggestions that the ICC will sanction just about anything will not appear in this news item. Anyway, apparently it's all going to "hit you for six" when it appears on PS2, Xbox and PC this summer. Fair enough. 127 days till the Ashes. We look forward to it.

Finally, we've been sort of ignoring this kind of shameless grandstanding because there's often too much that we, you know, care about telling you to take precedent, but seeing as there's not much for today's roundup: Popular young persons beat combo Kasabian will be playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on Xbox Live next week. Kasabian, whose songs include "Club Foot" and, well, others presumably (they are pretty popular, even if yours truly doesn't particularly care for them), will be on Live between 3pm and 5pm on 23rd March in one of Microsoft's jarringly named "Game With Fame" sessions. All you have to do to play against the Kasabian boys (girls?) is sign into Live, add one of the bracketed Gamertags to your Friends list (XboxLiveEURO2, XboxLiveEURO3, XboxLiveEURO4) and log on at the appropriate time to join in with them. Enjoy.

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