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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Magna Carta dated

15th June, 1215, obviously.

Korean developer Softmax's historical simulation Magna Carta for PS2 will be with us on April 7th, says publisher 505 Gamestreet.

Magna Carta, as everybody knows, is a very important 13th Century English charter which has the power to turn the tides of war against the Tears of Blood for the denizens of... Efferia... what? Oh wait, aha.

Magna Carta, NOT to be confused with that which bound King John not to piss off the barons, is a PS2 RPG in which you, a chap called Calintz, are trying to duff up some humanoid types called the Yason as part of an elite military unit.

As you can see from the shots it has the familiar RPG trimmings, but in addition you're also given a Dash or Detect system that helps eliminate random battles.

Originally released by Atlus in the USA, Magna Carta scored reasonably well in most quarters, and sounds like a pretty decent genre game. We'll let you know whether it's as rubbish as all that "Which Magna Carta!" stuff we tried earlier once we get our hands on it.