Magna Carta

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Cry me a river.

The Magna Carta, that historically crucial legal document that bound the power of an English Monarch by law so that today the Queen canít just wee down your chimney or execute left-handed people willy-nilly, was signed off in 1215. To say that this, its namesake videogame, appears also to have been created 791 years ago would be a mostly unfair joke; but one just funny and true enough to make it worthwhile. After all, its developers live in Korea and thatís far enough away that they canít punch us or anything.

Magna Carta Tears of Blood is an attempt to make something the rest of the world used to do before they mostly decided the whole idea was probably a pretty bad one and moved on. Maybe Softmax is just playing software top-trumps with Japan? Whatever - although this aims for Final Fantasy VIII, it mostly ends up just hitting the fan.

Thatís not to say itís not effective in its superficial imitation. The game opens as prettily and cut-scene-heavily as you might expect, but the flickering cracks between the jaggy polygonal walls and the awkwardly proportioned characters belie the difference in development budgets. Put it this way: Square-Enix could probably clear third world debt instead of making FFXIII; Softmax probably couldn't clear a credit card.

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Magna Carta dated

15th June, 1215, obviously.

Korean developer Softmax's historical simulation Magna Carta for PS2 will be with us on April 7th, says publisher 505 Gamestreet.