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Codies signs Maelstrom writer

James Swallow joins team.

Codemasters has signed James Swallow, who wrote Doctor Who audio drama Singularity and is credited with story concepts for Star Trek: Voyager, to devise the scenario that underpins Maelstrom, the forthcoming sci-fi strategy game in development at KDV Games and due out in Q3 2006.

"I'm excited to be a part of the Maelstrom project," says Swallow, "We have a dynamic and compelling plotline, epic scope and strong characters. As the game unfolds, the conflicts between the factions and the characters within them become the flashpoints for player missions, and what begins as a battle to live another day soon becomes a global fight for survival, with the player at the heart of the action."

Codies is planning to give fans a glimpse of what to expect from Swallow's work as part of an ongoing series of email newsletters detailing scenarios, including first-hand accounts from the game's main protagonists - beginning with the head of the "Remnants" faction, a bunch of low-tech resistance fighters skilled in guerrilla warfare. You can sign up for that on the Maelstrom website.

For more details on Maelstrom, check out our previous coverage and the screenshots released by Codemasters today.