Maelstrom multiplayer demo

RTS taster from Codemasters.

Put your feet up and enjoy a free-bite of destructive strategy-action this weekend, with Codemasters' new multiplayer demo of Maelstrom.



Bit girly?

First impressions can be a killer. Especially when that impression is, say, a really long, boring anecdote, told by someone with zero storytelling ability and a tendency to spray bits of half-chewed food over you when they speak. Poor Maelstrom doesn't quite know how to behave in polite company, and as such it's going to find it very hard to make friends. That's a shame, because underneath its crooked yellow teeth, shabby posture and tendency to drone on a bit, it's got a good heart. It'd probably make you very happy, if only you were able to get over those flecks of spittle at the corners of its mouth.

It's an RTS, very much in the Command & Conquer mould, that really does introduce itself in stunningly cretinous fashion. Its single-player campaign kicks off with long, laughably tedious in-engine cut-scenes starring stupid-looking people with stupid-sounding voices, then forces you through several hours of playing with the single most hackneyed RTS faction ever put to screen. The Remnant have absolutely nothing going for them, not a lone spark of inspiration or charm, and picking them to open the game and guide most of the story is like the Beatles using Ringo as frontman, George Lucas casting Hayden Christiansen as Han Solo or a Sonic the Hedgehog game starring Shadow. Hmm.

It's an enormous misstep. So very many people will give up just a few missions in and abandon Maelstrom in disgust. Perhaps it deserves it, in a way. If, as it appears, that woefully uninteresting faction is there because of a misguided attempt to make the new offering from a developer who made Perimeter, perhaps the oddest RTS of recent times, shamelessly commercial, then Maelstrom should be punished for it.

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Maelstrom delayed until Feb

Codies sends campaign details and shots to say sorry.

Codemasters and KDV Games have delayed real-time strategy title Maelstrom in order "to realise the game's ambitious design" yadda yadda. Anyway, it's not due out in February 2007.

Maelstrom demo

Two-mission RTS sample.

KDV Games (aka K-D Lab) has released a 434MB multi-language demo of its upcoming science-fiction strategy title Maelstrom, due to be published by Codemasters on PC later this year.

Codies signs Maelstrom writer

James Swallow joins team.

Codemasters has signed James Swallow, who wrote Doctor Who audio drama Singularity and is credited with story concepts for Star Trek: Voyager, to devise the scenario that underpins Maelstrom, the forthcoming sci-fi strategy game in development at KDV Games and due out in Q3 2006.

Codies unveils Maelstrom

Codies unveils Maelstrom

KDV-dev'd post-apoc RTS.

Codemasters is teaming up KDV Games (formerly K-D LAB) to produce a brand new science-fiction-themed strategy game called Maelstrom.

Due out in Q3 2006 on PC, Maelstrom is based on Codies' original concept and sees players take on the role of one of three factions - two human, one alien - that are fighting for control of a post-apocalyptic earth setting.

The game builds on KDV's existing engine - presumably the one used for their other Codies-colab', Perimeter - and features upgradeable units, huge "weapons of maelstromic destruction", and genre-fave destructible environments - and, interestingly, the most valuable of resources is actually just plain water.

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