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Maelstrom multiplayer demo

RTS taster from Codemasters.

Put your feet up and enjoy a free-bite of destructive strategy-action this weekend, with Codemasters' new multiplayer demo of Maelstrom.

It lets you get a taste of the head-to-head action in two maps from the full game, which also happen work in single-player. Simply follow our trail of breadcrumbs over the Maelstrom website to get hold of it.

The first of these maps is for two players, called "Top of the Hill". You play as either the Remnants or Hai-Genti, and the first of you to rush up to the summit will get control of a water pump - an invaluable and map-winning asset.

Four of you can also bash it out in "Lair of the Devil", a broken and volcanic vision of the future, another of the 14 maps available in the full game.

Maelstrom is an RTS from KDV games that takes place 50 years from now, where the freedom-fighting Remnant and techno-savvy Ascension fight side-by-side against the invading Hai-Genti aliens. You can level up your abilities as you go along, whilst using terrain and elements as strategic weapons, creating tornadoes, carving lakes, and even controlling the wind.

We got our hands on it early last month, and found it considerably stronger in skirmish and multiplayer modes than it was during the campaign. Venture over to our Maelstrom review for more information.

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