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Star Trek Legacy for PC, X360

First details of new strategy title.

According to reports from the US, a game titled Star Trek Legacy is currently in development for PC and Xbox 360 at Mad Doc Software.

Speaking to Game Informer magazine, Mad Doc CEO Ian Lane Davis said: "We've always wanted to do a Star Trek game that captures the core Star Trek fantasy.

"When you look at the history of Star Trek games, there have been some good games, but we felt we haven't had the chance to make the game the Star Trek fans want until now."

The game will focus on ship versus ship combat, and you'll start off in charge of the Enterprise NX-01. As the game progresses you'll get more ships to command, eventually controlling up to four units (a unit is comprised of one capital ship and two smaller crafts).

Each time you win a battle, you'll be rewarded with "Command Points" which you can use to buy new ships or upgrades, including stronger shields and photon torpedoes.

"There's action, but it's not like 'I'm a figher pilot' action. It's 'I command a starfleet' action... We treat the ships as your characters," Lane Davis explained.

"When a ship dies, that's a big thing in Star Trek. It only happens a few times in the whole 700-plus hours of the whole Star Trek cannon where you see the Enterprise get destroyed. It's a big thing and it should mean something."

The single player game will take place over three different time periods: the era of the original series, the next generation and the Enterprise. You can expect to face off with Klingons, Borg and Romulans as a result - and you'll be able to play as them in multiplayer mode, which will see up to eight players fighting it out via Xbox Live or the good old internet.

A poster on the Star Trek Gaming Universe forum who claims to be an executive at Paramount Pictures backed up the report, but declined to reveal any further details.

"I will say that it's been a long time coming. Like I said before, traditional ST single player/multi player games have returned - and before STO [Star Trek Online] ships like I also said," "Harry" wrote.

"And no, just because it was announced in this issue, doesn't mean development just started. As for bugs, well, different publisher, and much more stringent requirements for Xbox 360. And as for graphics, once you see the screenshots and this thing in motion, you will be blown away."

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