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All five caps in for Legacy

Not just Shatner.

With William Shatner having blown the lid on the old-days Trek captain's involvement in Star Trek: Legacy, Bethesda Softworks has now revealed that all five of the series' captains will actually be involved.

Shatner will be joined in the voice-booth by Patrick Stewart (no stranger to games himself - most recently as the first voice you hear in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion), Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew, and all had nice things to say about Bethesda.

Well, we assume they did, but the quotes, once again, came courtesy of Shatner, who said he was "delighted to have the chance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek with my fellow captains".

Legacy, as you ought to know by now, is due out on PC and Xbox 360 later this year.