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MGS Twin Snakes bundle and trailer

Metal Gearrreat!

Metal Gears are thrashing this week with the news that Nintendo and Konami plan to release a limited edition console bundle for The Twin Snakes in Japan, and the release of a ridiculously long trailer for the original sneak-'em-up.

According to reports, the premium package for MGS: The Twin Snakes will be released alongside the basic boxed copy, and will retail for a whopping 21,000 yen (around €160) when the game goes on sale from March 11th.

What's inside? Well, for a start the box is a special oversized alternative with a 44-page book on the game's background, then there's a special edition GameCube console (hopefully MGS branded), a copy of the game, and a disc of special digital extras (including an emulated version of the original NES Metal Gear).

As for that promotional trailer, it's in streaming Windows Media format and you can opt to see either a "lite" 14-minute version (click here) or the king size 27-minute full trailer (here). I'm not going to pretend I've had time to watch them yet, so if you have any thoughts then stick 'em in the comments thread.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, developed by Silicon Knights will the aid of Konami and Nintendo luminaries Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto, is due out in March here in Europe exclusively on GameCube.

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