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Baseball man hurts arm with Guitar Hero

Had to miss games and all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Detroit Tigers (baseball, apparently) have admitted that one of their pitchers (ball-chucker) Joel Zumaya was sidelined recently not because of the aches and pains of the sport, but because he was playing too much Guitar Hero.

According to club president Dave Dombrowski, staff at the Tigers discovered that Zumaya's forearm pain was more like that of a guitar player, and ordered him to stop playing the game. When he did, he got better, and went on to play in the World Series.

Dombrowski then told the Detroit Free Press that he thought Guitar Hero was "probably" to blame. There's no word on what else Zumaya plays, but the hope, presumably, is that Wii Sports isn't occupying his spare time at the moment.

See the DFP report for more on those wacky videogames, and for a scary picture of Zumaya going "ROAR".

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