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Katamari Damacy for PSP

We love it. Yes, already.

Just as we stopped jumping up and down with excitement at the news that We Love Katamari is coming to Europe, we've gone and got all giddy again after hearing that Namco is also developing a PSP instalment.

According to Famitsu magazine, Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy is set on Paradise Island, home to loads of animals who all live together happily. Until a giant wave appears from nowhere and smashes the whole thing to bits, that is.

A lone turtle is flung out to sea and washes up on the Prince's Island, where he tells the prince what has happened. Our hero promptly takes pity on the animals and sets out to rebuild their island home.

Few details of the gameplay have been revealed, but Famitsu did report that the seasons will change as you play - so lakes and rivers will freeze when winter arrives, for example - and we know that one of the new environments is a haunted house. Plus, you get to play as different characters by rolling them into your ball.

So will Katamari PSP make it to Europe? Well, judging by the fact that it's taken AEONS for someone to agree to publish We Love Katamari here and we STILL aren't getting the original game, nothing's guaranteed.

But if WLK sells the billion copies it deserves to sell, we could be in luck - and if not, hurrah for region free PSP games and your friendly neighbourhood importer!

Rumour has it that Namco will be showing off Katamari PSP at the Tokyo Game Show this week - you just try keeping Tom away from that booth.

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