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Eidos working on PS3, Xbox 2, PSP

IO Interactive is "playing a key role" in the transition to next-gen, while Core Design is working on various concepts for the new Sony handheld, Eidos reveals.

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Along with encouraging news about the Tomb Raider franchise, Eidos's financially disappointing end of year results, released this morning, gave us a bit of an insight into the publisher's plans for next-generation home and handheld consoles.

According to the future plans bit of the results announcement, recently acquired Hitman developer IO Interactive is "playing a key role in the Group's transition programme to next-generation Xbox 2 and PS3 platforms, which is on track."

Although there's no discussion of what IO might be working on, we'd rather like to see a Freedom Fighters next-gen sequel if anyone's listening (they never are). It's unlikely to be a Hitman title, anyway, as elsewhere Eidos tells the City that it plans "nine titles in the second half [of the financial year ending June 2005], including the next editions in the highly successful Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises."

Meanwhile, it seems that Core Design, stripped of the Tomb Raider franchise last year and since "refocused and restructured" is developing various "new concept ideas and pre-production works for both platform and PlayStation Portable (PSP) application," at its UK-based studio.

Eidos was previously been linked with the PSP when Sony released a 75-strong game line-up for the handheld at its PlayStation Meeting 2004 in Tokyo this July. According to that listing, the publisher is planning a game called "Free Running".

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