Free Running

Free Running

Free Running

Might as well jump.

Despite what the title may lead you to believe, the Free Running game actually has more in common with Parkour. "Aren't they the same thing?" you cry, understandably confused. "No", I reply. "No, no, no."

I once thought as you did, that there was only one urban sport involving running around and jumping off rooftops, and that it had two interchangeable names - a flouncy French one, and a more prosaic English version. Then I did a little Wikiresearch for this review and discovered that Free Running and Parkour are now totally different things. David Belle, who appeared as the runny-jumpy guy in Luc Besson's District 13, represents Parkour. This involves getting from one point to another in the most efficient way possible. Sebastien Foucan, who appeared as the runny-jumpy guy in Casino Royale, represents Free Running. This involves getting from one point to another in the most stylish way possible.

See? Totally different. Don't laugh. It's a serious distinction. Google it. People get into fights over this stuff. Tsk.

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Exclusive Free Running trailer

If you've been lurking around Eurogamer TV, you may have noticed an exclusive trailer for PS2 and PSP title, Free Running.

Developed by Rebellion, the game is based on the sport of Le Parkour, or Free Running, and is due for release in March.

Included are 60 different challenges across three distinctly different zones, as well as nine different single and multiplayer modes.

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Free Running for PSP

Is, you know, super-cool, oui.

The French can make anything look cool. Even their celebrity chefs are suave, sophisticated and good-looking, for heavens' sake. They've even gone and invented a sport that involves nothing more than jumping off of things, whilst somehow looking cooler than Andre 3000 eating ice cream in the Antarctic. And now, inevitably, Eidos is doing a game based on it for the PSP.