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Free Running for PSP

Is, you know, super-cool, oui.

The French can make anything look cool. Even their celebrity chefs are suave, sophisticated and good-looking, for heavens' sake. They've even gone and invented a sport that involves nothing more than jumping off of things, whilst somehow looking cooler than Andre 3000 eating ice cream in the Antarctic. And now, inevitably, Eidos is doing a game based on it for the PSP.

Screenshots can be found here.

Free Running is being developed by Core in association with Sébastien Foucan, co-founder of the "parkour" movement, and free running collective Urban Freeflow. (They're British, if you hadn't guessed by the slightly painful name.)

Sébastien acts as your in-game mentor, teaching you new moves and tricks as you run, jump, vault and climb your way through the concrete jungle. Members of Urban Collective can also be unlocked as playable characters.

There are more than 50 stunts to master, including the Kong Vault, Vertical Wall Runs, Pharaoh Climbs, Rail Split Vaults and Bedingfield Neck Brace. We might have made one of those up.

A variety of game modes are promised, including the option to race against computer or human opponents - wirelessly, we'll boldly presume.

Free Running is due out in the autumn, or le autumn as our French friends would say. Probably.