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F1 06 gets cross-platform racing

Play against PS2 types using PSP.

Sony's announced that its next Formula One game is due out in June WAIT COME BACK! There's something interesting about this one! Studio Liverpool's making the PS2 and PSP versions, and apparently you can compete cross-platform. In other words, if you've got a PS2 version you can play online against someone who has the PSP one. That wasn't to say that Formula One games are boring, by the way. Don't cry.

F1 06 is due out in June, then, and features 2006 drivers/car/teams/circuits/rules/hats probably. There's an 18-race season mode playable online, classic F1 cars to unlock, and the option to play as chief engineer in career mode, apparently. Presumably you switch to the driver for races, unless it's all about "stealthing" Schumacher on the grid and leaping in his car before anyone notices (it isn't).

06 will also include a pressure system which sees you trying to force AI mistakes, prompting big old "race incidents". There'll be a new physics system, and car tuning options that won't rely on an intimate knowledge of all the particulars.