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Another Puzzle Bobble for PSP

It's ULTRA this time.

More from everybody's favourite weekly news-column-filler Famitsu: Taito's planning to release another Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move title on PSP.

Ultra Puzzle Bobble Pocket is due out on March 23rd in Japan and reportedly features 16 different puzzle modes.

As well as the usual practice of firing coloured bubbles up the screen to try and make groups of three, players will be able to partake of Blind Puzzle, where the colours are hidden by symbols, and See-Saw, where the screen teeters this way and that when one side gets overloaded.

There'll also be ad hoc network play according to those running their eyes over Famitsu's pages.

Ultra Puzzle Bobble Pocket will be released in Japan about 16 months after the PSP's first Puzzle Bobble, which came out just after the system's launch. That game was, er, pretty similar.

We can't remember anything about the first one coming out in Europe, but fans of Taito's Bubbly titles might want to keep an eye out for Bubble Bobble Evolution, which is due out in Europe in March from Rising Star.