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Third Xbox Dancing Stage details

New modes, loads of new tracks.

Konami's opened up a bit about Dancing Stage Unleashed 3 for Xbox, which is due out in March.

The third Xbox instalment features 20 new, licensed tracks and accompanying videos, along with 30 Konami-exclusive tracks and some new game modes - in addition to the existing Xbox Live online play and Calorie Counter mode for people like my alter-ego Captain Exercise.

The new modes are called Freestyle, Quest and Jukebox. Quest is the most involved - players will dance in various locations (60 US cities, apparently), building up a reputation, drawing bigger and bigger crowds and fending off dance-rivals like in that Run DMC video except without wigs that fall off.

Freestyle does away with matching the arrows on dance-mats and instead the idea is to dance in your own way and try and impress the AI, which judges the originality of your routine and whether it was a decent match for the music.

Jukebox mode, finally, is billed as a chill-out mode that lets you watch videos, organise playlists of the music and generally not dance because you're knackered.

As you do so, you'll be able to enjoy the various licensed tracks. Konami's named a few - we can expect I Like the Way You Move by the Bodyrockers, Oh My Gosh by Basement Jaxx, Wake Me Up by Girls Aloud, and even two I recognise: Rockafella Skank by Fatboy Slim (I'm hip, me) and House of Fun by Madness.

Look forward to that in March, and take a look at some screenshots if you can't bear to STOP THE ROCK just because the news item's over.