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Elixir working on Evil Genius sequel, next-gen IP

EG2 will likely include multiplayer, as Demis Hassabis told us in September.

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Elixir Studios is working on a sequel to its Bond villain-'em-up style strategy game Evil Genius, in addition to an as-yet unannounced project being developed under contract for a "market-leading" US publisher, the British developer has revealed.

In a release announcing "the successful closure of a new round of investment with £1,000,000 having been raised from existing institutional and private investors," the developer also made another mention of the unannounced US project ("Conceived and signed 18 months ago"), before adding the following note: "Elixir's other teams are currently working on plans for an Evil Genius sequel as well as a prototype for a next generation console IP."

Speaking to Eurogamer at EGN/Game Stars Live in September, Elixir's Demis Hassabis hinted that a sequel might be on the way when quizzed about multiplayer possibilities. "There are two multiplayer modes we're thinking about - one is Evil Genius versus Evil Genius, which would be quite fun, and there's also Evil Genius versus the forces of justice," he started. "We've got a lot of plans in mind for the next game, and for add-ons which will include multiplayer," he added.

At the time, Hassabis also said that an Xbox version of Evil Genius was "well underway" at Elixir, and that "we'll probably do a PS2 version as well - probably not internally, but it's one we will do."

As for the "next generation console IP", your guess is as good as ours.

As soon as we hear anything about Evil Genius 2, we'll be sure to bring it up, and if you want to learn more about the original, check out our interview with Demis Hassabis here, along with our review of the game here.

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