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Use 360 HD-DVD on a PC

Doesn't sound very difficult.

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Some clever-clogs hackers have worked out how to get the new Xbox 360 HD-DVD player - due out here on 1st December - to work on the PC.

According to blog UNEASYsilence, all you need to do is install some specific drivers and plug the external USB drive into a Windows XP machine.

With WinDVD 8 installed, apparently it's possible to play an HD-DVD film, although the author admits there's a bit of stuttering on his machine.

Meanwhile, Macs apparently recognise it but won't play it yet, but the suggestion seems to be that a solution isn't massively far off - it's possibly to play DVDs using the drive already, apparently.

For more detailed explanation and links to drivers, in case you're interested in doing it yourself, check out the original post.

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