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FIFA 07 PC demo

Play a game at the Emirates.

With FIFA 07 set to launch on a variety of formats on September 29th, Electronic Arts has released a PC demo to get you excited about it.

Weighing in at 529MB, the demo allows you to pick any of Manchester United, Lyon, Werder Bremen, AC Milan, Guadalajara and Barcelona and play a match at Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium.

FIFA 07 on PC is part of the current-generation batch, which, among its various new features, creates an online league based on the cumulative results of people playing against each other as their favourite clubs.

If you own the PS2 and PSP versions, you'll also be able to transfer your game progress between the two, allowing you to continue playing on the go.

For more on the game, check out our interview with producer Joe Booth.

If you're waiting for the 360 version, however, you'll want to read this interview with that version's producer Hugues Ricour.