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Two more Resi Evil films?

Poor Alice.

Clearly undeterred by the fact that the last Resident Evil film was so awful that we started gnawing through our own intestines in hope of escaping - before we realised there was a green "EXIT" sign in the corner - Constantin Film AG is apparently setting about producing two more films in the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, film three, Resident Evil: Afterlife, is based on a script by Paul W. S. Anderson, who of course directed the first film. Milla Jovovich is expected to report back as Alice, who will be forced to kill lots of already-dead people in the Australian outback, which is posing as Southwestern America for the purposes of the shoot.

The fourth film, meanwhile, doesn't have a name yet, but will apparently take place in Tokyo, following Alice's flight from North America, and will be shot on location in Japan. There's no mention of who's writing the script, but if Capcom gives us a call we'll have a stab at it. Not the writing of it, that is; more the brutally slaughtering people involved in its design. With knives.

Unless of course the third is a return to the kind of predictable, medium-budget siege mentality that made the first fairly enjoyable. In which case when it comes to the fourth we'll... just... [it's okay. Go and have a lie down -Ed]. JUST MAKE ONE AT A TIME DAMMIT.