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New GTA PSP details

Taking liberties.

Rockstar has revealed the first details of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PSP, including news that you get to play as mob boss Tony Cipriani from GTA III.

As you might have guessed the game is set in Liberty City but, according to Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, the action takes place in 1998 - around three years before that of GTA III.

OPSM2 says you'll recognise plenty of locations from the game, but they've all been revamped to tie-in with the time setting.

Even the cars will look different, and you'll also be able to ride m0t0rb1k3s as in Vice City. However, there's no sign of any airborne vehicles such as helicopters or the Dodo plane.

We're promised stacks of sub-quests and hidden extras just as you'd expect from any other GTA title, and it's all being tailored to suit the PSP's controls - there's a brand new targeting system that allows you to lock onto enemies with the greatest of ease. In fact, Rockstar reckons it's the best system ever seen in a GTA game, would you believe.

The bad news is that a wireless multiplayer mode looks increasingly unlikely - according to OPSM2, Rockstar says it's busy concentrating on getting the single-player game just right, and a representative gave us a firm "No comment" on the issue.

Adding to the disappointment on that front, "screenshots" that circulated recently showing wireless options have been firmly debunked by Rockstar, which told US website GameSpot that they were "100 per cent FAKE".

Still, it sounds like there's enough in there to keep us entertained anyhow, and we can't wait to check it all out when GTA: Liberty Stories is released in September.