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Ouendan coming to the West

Elite Beat Agents due in Q4.

Nintendo's finally talked about a Western version of cult DS title Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan at this year's E3 - although it got a bit lost in all the excitement.

Elite Beat Agents is what they're calling it, in the US at least, where it's due out in Q4. Developed by iNiS, the chaps who made the Japanese original, it has you tapping icons on the screen in time to music as you play through a new plot - and the E3 trailer suggests the soundtrack will deviate from the Japanese too.

Rather than crazy Japanese men who solve problems for people, you'll be part of the "Elite Beat Agents" organisation which goes around the world assisting people in much the same way - by dancing and singing like total loonies.

As with the Japanese, it'll support multiplayer - for up to four people on one game card, according to Nintendo. We'll have the trailer up on EG TV soon, and in the meantime you ought to check out our impressions of Ouendan and some screenshots of EBA for more. Then you ought to import it anyway, since it's brilliant, and much more than the novelty some suggested at the time.