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Snoopy goes dogfighting

Not the illegal kind.

Sometimes a game idea just seems so obvious that you're surprised you're actually reading about it after the word "announced" for the first time. Dead or Alive volleyball, for example. Or a Snoopy World War I flight sim.

Like this one. Namco's doing Snoopy vs. The Red Baron for PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP - all four of which are due out in autumn of next year.

Apparently old Snoopy - yes, Peanuts Snoopy - is taking a nap atop his doghouse one day, when he has a dream that involves him as a WWI flying ace in a bi-plane, battling the Red Baron in more than 50 single-player and co-op missions. He also had the presence of subconscious mind to dream up an upgradeable arsenal of comical weapons and other gadgets, and to involve his pals Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Marcie and Sally.

He also dreamt of free-roaming environments using streaming technology, and screenshots for both PS2 and Xbox. Good dog.