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Warhammer Online back in development

Climax refuses to lie down.

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Cancelled MMORPG Warhammer Online is back in development, according to comments attributed to Karl Jeffery, CEO of developer Climax, and could be released in around 18 months time.

Games Workshop is not backing the game financially, but will be lending its support to the project, which we understand Climax is pushing independently. Games Workshop originally helped bankroll the game before terminating its arrangement in June "following a full review of the progress, costs to date and future costs of the project".

SEGA Europe, who had been set to publish the game in 2005 before Games Workshop terminated its development, has declined to comment on whether it will take up publishing duties again, but it's something we certainly wouldn't rule out.

Warhammer Online originally began life as a joint Climax/Microsoft project with Games Workshop's blessing, then SEGA Europe picked up publishing rights for Europe and North America amongst other areas in May 2003.

When the game was cancelled in June this year, Climax had said that it would continue to pursue the massively multiplayer genre if it could keep the costs in check.

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