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Mass Effect video on Live

Developer walkthrough.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you keeping an eye on Bioware's latest, Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Mass Effect, can now watch a demo walkthrough video.

It's available for free over Xbox Live Marketplace in 480p and 720p resolutions, and sees the devs walking you through what's going on.

It's also available in most regions - although if you're in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan or Mexico you're out of luck. What's with all the non-Mexico content, eh? What did they do?

Mass Effect is due out either this year or next, and sees players form bands of intergalactic adventurers, charting planets and roaming the galaxy in search of, well, additional hitpoints presumably.

Battles will be real time, with even more detailed animation than Jade Empire, according to the developers. For more on what's going into it, check out the video.

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