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First GTA IV cast details

Appear on IMDB.

New details of who will be writing and starring in the first next-gen GTA game have appeared on IMDB.

Apparently, Rockstar president Dan Houser is set to co-write the script with James Worrall, who also did the script for several previous GTA games and Manhunt.

GTA III and Vice City writer Lazlow Jones (who also did voices for Liberty City Stories and San Andreas) is listed as a cast member, alongside Navid Khonsari - he's appeared in loads of Rockstar titles, and provided the voice for the porn host in Max Payne 2.

It's worth bearing in mind that IMDB listings aren't always provided from official sources - but since this lot are GTA veterans, it doesn't seem too unlikely that they'll have something to do with the project.

Grand Theft Auto IV is down for a release on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 19th next year.

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