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Juiced dev 'busy' on next-gen

Juice Games impressed.

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Juice Games, the helpfully named developer of street racing title Juiced, has told Eurogamer that it is already working on projects for the next generation of console formats.

Speaking in an interview published elsewhere on the site today, studio director Don Whiteford says: "We are already busy with next-gen projects.

"The new technologies will allow us to improve on what we do now, but the really exciting stuff is going to be what we are able to do that we couldn't do before.

"In general, what impresses about the next-gen demos is the level of detail, both static and dynamic. What will really stand out is the way these games are going to play. In automotive terms, it will be like moving from a stock family compact to a four-wheel drive sports car."

And Juice Games will likely be thinking in automotive terms when it comes to its next-gen work. Its first street racing title Juiced concludes its long and winding road to release in Europe this Friday when THQ publishes it on PS2, Xbox and PC.

The game was originally due to be released by Acclaim, but with just days left and a number of reviews already published, the UK-based publisher went bust, leaving the game in the lurch. It was subsequently picked up by THQ, who gave it another five months of development time.

You can read more about Juiced's path to market and what Juice Games reckons makes it tick here.

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