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Nintendo Revolution details

Backwards and DVD compatible.

Now that we've all had a chance to see and admire / slag off the Xbox 360's design, Nintendo has offered the first hints as to what its next-generation console will look like.

The New York Times quotes Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo's vice president for corporate affairs, as saying the Revolution console will be "very, very sleek".

She went on to reveal it will be horizontal, and no taller than a pile of three DVD cases.

Kaplin also confirmed that the Revolution will play DVDs, and work with wireless controllers. There will be a focus on high definition, online games, and the console will be backwards compatible with GameCube games.

Well now. It all sounds very interesting, but there's still a while to wait before we find out just how sleek the Revolution really is - rumour has it that Nintendo won't be debuting the console at next week's E3, preferring to show a few rolling demos of in-game footage instead. Boo.