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Eurogamer TV beta launches

No need for pesky downloading!

Eurogamer Network - that's the company which publishes the website you're reading, just in case you were wondering - has announced plans to launch a new video streaming service, titled Eurogamer TV.

A beta version of the site is already up and running, as you may have noticed, at, where you can watch a trailer for Capcom's newly announced Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet, plus a whole load of trailers for various spanky new THQ games.

The trailer can be viewed in small, medium or large formats depending on your bandwidth, with no download time or codec issues, hurrah! And the site is being stress-tested at the moment, so anyone who makes the effort to pay a visit and watch the trailers will be doing us a big favour.

"We have great plans for Eurogamer TV," said Eurogamer Network's director of operations, Rupert Loman.

"This really is just the beginning. In the New Year we will ramp up our audience capacity significantly and start to make original content available online, in addition to a comprehensive selection of trailers and game footage. We're extremely excited about the prospects afforded by this launch."

We really are, you know.