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Grand Theft Auto PSP dated

And it's brought a trailer too.

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Bored PSP-owning Americans (we'd normally put "Bored, PSP-owning" but the forums suggest we needn't bother with a comma) will be pleased to learn that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be arriving on October 25th.

So says Rockstar, this morning, following the release of a US trailer, which ends with a promise of "10. 25. 05." That's a promise now. We want it right then.

Sadly, as of right-this-minute, Rockstar has yet to get back to us with a UK date, but a friendly rep told us we can expect to hear back later. Our money's on October 28th. Makes sense.

In the meantime, have a look at the official trailer – which plays up the Mafioso side of it, and implies a certain amount of fornication when you're not riding around in cars and on bikes being a low-level hood working his way out of a desperate situation and up the crime ladder in the hope of finding lots of hidden packages etc. etc.

We'll be bringing you more from Liberty City Stories later today. Ooh.

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