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WarBirds 2005 weekend

Download flight sim for free.

May 20-22 is officially WarBirds 2005 weekend, according to developer iEntertainment - which means you'll be able to try out their PC flight sim for free.

WarBirds 2005 is the latest instalment in the WWII aerial combat series, and features more than 70 planes, plenty of updated environments - including the Battle of Britain terrain - and a new Military Rank System.

Subscriptions normally cost $13.95 per month, but the game will be free to download and play throughout the weekend and you don't even need to register your credit card details.

T-Shirt Night, where you can win clothes for killing people, is scheduled for Friday, and Saturday will see the Dawn of Aces flying event and Armoured Assault tank combat competition.

Then on Sunday there's the European Micro Campaign, the Ferret's Air Race and the Massive Historical Bomber and Fighter Event to look forward to. Crikey. To find out more, visit the official WarBirds website.