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New Hellgate class unveiled

Say hello to the Cabal.

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The second character class in forthcoming PC title Hellgate: London has been revealed - and it turns out they're a rather dodgy sounding bunch.

Hellgate, you may recall, is a first-person RPG set 30 years in the future, where demons have invaded and humans have gone underground in a bid to survive. We've already been introduced to the Templar, an secret society that seeks to battle the forces of darkness, but now meet the Cabal - a secret society that reckons the forces of darkness are onto something, frankly.

Cabalists are spellcasters, essentially, and there are three types of spells they can cast. Summoning spells let them capture, train and control Hell's minions, forcing them to fight against their own kind. Spectral spells summon dark forces from the spectral plane, and Transformation spells let Cabalists modify their appearance with demonic features such as horns, spikes, claws and the like.

Problem is that all this mucking about with dark forces is a dangerous business - hence some Cabalists "even display the traits of their enemies, ever riding the razor's edge between good and evil, control and corruption." Gosh.

"The Cabalist class has been a closely guarded secret since the game's conception," said Bill Roper, CEO of developer Flagship Studios.

"Fans have been asking us for quite a while if we were going to have a character class that focused on spells. With the Cabalist, we know they are going to get exactly what they've been dreaming of."

Hellgate: London is due out later this year.

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