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Metal Slug compiled for PSP

European date announced.

SNK Playmore's Metal Slug Anthology for PSP will be arriving at European shops on October 27th, UK publisher Ignition and distributor Atari revealed this week.

The compilation consists of Metal Slugs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and X, and allows you to play in either widescreen or the original screen format.

There will be two-player wireless options for co-operative multiplay, along with some measure of exclusive content, although nobody's said what just yet.

You can get your hands (well, eyes) on some screenshots of the Anthology elsewhere at the site.

Originally announced during E3, Metal Slug Anthology is also being pieced together for Nintendo Wii. That version will include the most recent arcade game (absent from the PSP version) and will take advantage of the Wii's unique control options.