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Mad Tracks XBLA delayed

They want to add multiplayer.

French developer Load Inc. has decided to delay its Xbox Live Arcade racing title Mad Tracks in order to add multiplayer options - even though, to our knowledge, it hadn't nailed down a release date in the first place.

In a statement this week, the company said it would take several more months to rewrite the PC version's network code to suit Xbox Live, but that demand had been so great it felt compelled to respond.

"We're very excited to add this feature that undoubtedly makes a great difference with other next gen consoles," top bod Denis Bourdain said, commenting on the delay.

Bourdain also hopes to attract potential investors with a display at Leipzig's Games Convention in two weeks' time.

Mad Tracks, which began life as a budget-priced PC title, is a toy car racing game with complex, twisty tracks and a dozen or so power-ups.

Despite news of the delay, there's still no word on when the game will actually appear on the service - although press bumf suggests it had originally been targeting October.

Aaaand finally, if you couldn't care less about Xbox Live Arcade and simply fancy seeing what Mad Tracks is all about, there's a demo version and the option to buy the PC version online on the developer's website.