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Mad Tracks gets green light

Live Arcade racer out soon.

Load Inc. has dropped us a line to let us know that its toy racer Mad Tracks is a whisker away from release on Xbox Live Arcade.

Mad Tracks has passed Microsoft's "dreaded" final certification process, which means it's probably no more than a week or three away from hitting the Marketplace.

Load Inc. is touting the Micro Machines-style multiplayer bunfight as the first racing game on Live Arcade (which, unless you count coin-op dinosaur Rally X, seems to be true). It's been available as a budget PC title since last year.

Power-ups, split-screen multiplayer, 45 challenges, restaurants and darts will apparently all feature.

Head over to our Mad Tracks gamepage for the latest videos and screenshots.

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Mad Tracks

Xbox 360, PC

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