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Mad Tracks DLC debuts

9 tracks, 6 games, 350 points.

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Anybody who took the plunge on Xbox Live Arcade's Mad Tracks now has the option to, er, throw another 350 Microsoft points at the problem - thanks to the release of the "Encore Expansion Pack".

350 points translates to GBP 2.98 / EUR 4.07, and in this case it nets you nine additional races and six new mini-games, throughout which we're assured you'll descend Victorian stairs, race around a German castle and generally party like it's 1995, Micro Machines 2 is waiting upstairs and Sunday lunch is finally over.

One thing to note though: it's not available in Korea. North or South, we expect. Sorry Kim.

For more on Mad Tracks and why it's "not amazing", check out our Mad Tracks Xbox 360 gamepage. It's also out on PC.

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