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Datel's XSATA

Copy files between 360 and PC.

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Datel's announced another one of its gadgets for copying saved data off a console and storing it on your PC hard disk.

XSATA may sound a bit like a new Citroen, but actually it's a shiny bit of plastic that sandwiches between your Xbox 360 hard disk and the roof of the console, allowing you to whip data off into PC land using the supplied USB2 cable.

Datel recommends using a free application like Xplorer 360, which in concert with the XSATA will allow you copy off things like game saves, demos and anything else, and put them back on again when you need to.

You can even, Datel points out, give stuff to your friends for use on their Xbox 360s, providing the data's not locked to your machine or Live account.

The drive of your life.

So there you are. If you want to whack a neon blue shiny plastic ham onto the top of your Xbox 360 so you can keep hold of that prized Natasha Bedingfield video, now's the chance. Or you could just delete demos when you're done with them to save space, you silly billy.

XSATA will cost £29.99 and should be available soon.

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