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Namco announces US schedule

Rebelstar out in August, along with two new Hugo games! Whoopee!

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Namco has unveiled its all-platform release schedule for North American consoles.

The only forthcoming game announced for PSP, Xbox and GameCube was Pac-Man World 3, which will also appear on PS2.

As previously confirmed, both Soul Calibur III and Arc the Lad: End of Darkness - a new instalment in the RPG series that features real-time combat - will be PS2 exclusives. Arc the Lad will arrive in the autumn, but there's still no release date for SCIII.

Shogun Warrior: Real Time Conflict remains the only title Namco has announced for the DS this year, with release also slated for autumn.

But the publisher is clearly committed to the console's predecessor, with eight GBA titles hitting the shops by September. Hugo - The Evil Mirror, Mr Driller 2, Pac-Man Pinball Advance and Popeye: Rush for Spinach are all out this month, with galactic RPG Sigma Star Saga following in June.

Then in August it's Gumby VS. The Astrobots, and Hugo Bukkazoom!, plus turn-based strategy title Rebelstar: Tactical Command.

Namco has yet to announce a European release schedule, but its titles generally make it across the pond a month or two after their American launches.

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