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Vampire goes head to head with Half-Life 2

It's stakes versus crowbars as Troika's Source Engine-based game is given a US release date. And we've got some new screenshots to celebrate.

Activision has revealed that it plans to ship Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on November 16th in the USA, meaning that the game will be in direct competition with Valve's Half-Life 2 - the Source Engine technology for which Bloodlines uses under licence.

The PC game has still yet to be given an official release date in Europe - although retailers claim November 19th is the latest date they've been given - but Activision UK has furnished us with some new screenshots of the Troika Games-developed title, which you can clap eyes on here.

Bloodlines, which is looking mightily impressive despite receiving relatively little press, is a blend of action and RPG based on White Wolf's pen-and-paper Vampire title. You can read our preview of the game here, and we should have a review of it online shortly after its American release.

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