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Harvest Moon Wii details

DS sequel already planned.

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New details have been revealed of how you'll play Harvest Moon using the Wii's remote controller - along with news that a second DS instalment in the series is on the way.

According to an article in Famitsu, partially translated by IGN, Harvest Moon Wii is set on an island this time. It was once home to the Harvest Goddess and a great tree, but one day she disappeared and the tree dried up.

With the help of the friendly Koropokuru sprites, it's your job to make the island all lush and beautiful and that, so that the Goddess will return and the tree will come back to life.

Which, of course, you'll do by giving it all Archers on your very own farm. You'll swing the Wii's remote like a hoe to plough fields, or tilt it towards the ground to use the watering can. You'll also wave the remote about to fish and to look after your animals. The d-pad will be used to switch tools, and by pressing down you can deactivate them - to avoid any risk of flooding your farm or hacking it to bits.

Famitsu also revealed that a second Harvest Moon DS game is in development - despite the fact that the first one isn't even out yet. Titled Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On, it'll let you experience what life's before you become a farmer.

You'll live on an island with your mum, dad, brother and sister. You'll be able to grow rice, and the touch screen will be used to move your character while the d-pad controls your tools. The game will link up with Harvest Moon Wii - but there's no word on how this'll work just yet.

Nor on when either game will be out - but the first Harvest Moon DS title is due to reach Europe by the end of the year.

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