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Harvest Moon DS in April

Unless they chicken out.

Prepare to moo-ve on down to the shops and horn in on Harvest Moon DS, because Nintendo has finally sown the seeds of release with the announcement that it's out here on 13th April.

Word through the bovine is that you'll be hoofing it around Forget-Me-Not Valley, using the touch-screen to pet and care for your animals. Presumably there'll be a tutorial to help farm-iliarise yourself with the controls.

As with the other Harvest Moon games, you'll have to plant seeds, harvest crops in the right season and try and turn your farm into a profitable entity (notice how we've stopped) in order to release the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites from the world where the Witch Princess has sent them.

But the other part of it will involve building relationships (and perhaps even marrying) the 25 villagers (not all at once), maybe going fishing and keeping yourself occupied. With any luck it'll be as good as the recent Magical Melody Cube version. We'll let you know.

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